Why Breaking Up is Hard

When You Should Break Up

If you aren’t getting what you want or need in a relationship, it’s time to move on. But it’s not easy to break it off, even when someone isn’t meeting your needs. Most people stay in unhappy relationships for months or even years before breaking up.

breaking up is hard

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How You Should Break Up

Breaking up is difficult and breaking up face-to-face is harder. This is why many opt for indelicate breakups. They use email, text messages, or phone calls to end a relationship.  Breakups should take care and compassion because you once shared feelings whether your partner is not the one or is someone who makes your life unhealthy.

Why Breaking Up is Hard

Psychologists support the idea that breakups are hard for both parties. Studies show that our brains are wired to want to remain connected to mates as a survival instinct; therefore, breaking up in person is hard and extremely stressful. Relationships feature multiple complex aspects. The most difficult to control is attachment. Most people who handle their own face to face breakups have a hard time transitioning just like their partners. They may suffer from depression, another bad relationship, or cynicism and anger. A breakup can even lead to impaired judgment.

When you’re physically close to a partner, your brain secretes pleasure-inducing neurotransmitters. These chemicals affect your brain like drugs. This is one of the reasons breaking up in person is difficult. Your body would like you to continue producing that feeling even when the person is bad for you. Breaking up in person without adequate preparation and romantic transition may force your body to experience heavy withdrawal symptoms similar to a heroin, cocaine, or crack addiction.

What Breaking Up Can Be Like

Romantic Transition Agents help guide both parties to a peaceful, respectful end to their relationship. For the person seeking conclusion, a transition agent takes the place of that dreaded meeting over coffee or dinner. Our agents handle the delicate task of transitioning your relationship without a face-to-face encounter. Romantic Transition Agents also provide a solid end to the relationship for you. They help to ease stress, provide closure, and suggest life solutions. Agents can also help remove all digital traces of your relationship.

There is an alternative to traditional break-ups. One that is more efficient, effective, and personal. That alternative is with Termination, Inc.

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