Termination Inc. follows the misadventures of two Romantic Transition Agents as they help end delicate relationships and deal with their own love affairs.

In an anachronistic version of San Francisco with a highly stratified social structure, meet Alec Daniels and Mika England. They’re two Romantic Transition Agents for Termination Inc. In the age of immediacy, there is over population, a large middle class, and not enough personal responsibility. Alec and Mika live in a world where nearly everyone has an agent. Agents find people jobs, place them at colleges,  snag restaurant reservations, and there are even specialized agents who handle break-ups. When relationships need to end carefully, it’s their job to help ex-partners make the transition. But a secret lies beneath their newly minted work relationship. Mika and Alec have history. History that only one of them wants to keep in the past.

Part Everything Production filmed in San Francisco, California.

Series Created by:
Kevin Dublin